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COSS recertification changing

From Friday 1 January, Network Rail Controllers of Site Safety (COSS) will see new and improved training when they recertify their safety-critical COSS competence. The change aims to improve safety on the network.

A COSS is essential for the planning and implementation of the Safe Work Pack (SWP) to keep teams safe. Around 13,000 colleagues hold a COSS competency which must be renewed every two years. Currently, COSS recertification is done by completing an on-the-line Skills Assessment Scheme exam. The new training means this will change.

Going virtual

For a more robust recertification method, and to bring it in line with the five-day virtual reality COSS training that launched in July 2019, the new two-day recertification course has been created with an emphasis on interactive and immersive experience.

Using virtual reality (VR) headsets and safety scenarios in a virtual railway setting, colleagues can demonstrate their knowledge in a safe environment and there is a renewed focus on the rigorous assessment of safe behaviours and leadership skills. The use of VR is designed to increase engagement, help colleagues retain information for use on site and ultimately improve safety and operational performance.

Colleagues with a COSS competence due to expire after 1 January will be automatically booked onto the new recertification course by their resourcing teams. The recertification will be valid for two years.

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