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RISQS Consulting

Is your organisation looking to become part of the RISQS community?

Are you already registered and looking to increase the product groups you already hold?

If so, PRB Consulting are experts in the RISQS qualified process. Our consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area, and our team even includes former RISQS auditors.

PRB have assisted many organisations through this process, and undertake in excess of 100 audits each year and we are proud of our 100% success rate.

Use the “Download Button” below to see the complete process for becoming RISQS Registered and Audited.

Pathway to RISQS

If you are seeking to achieve qualification via audit, or increasing your current product codes maybe we can help. Our consultants have the experience and knowledge of the process to guide your business to a successful outcome.


Following the changes in September 2020, RISQS have altered the audit process, IMR has split into two modules now known as “Core” and “CDM” modules. All companies are now required to undergo the Core Module in the new format. This will look at ensuring organisations have a documented management system in place, along with it’s supporting procedures, to fall in line with the latest Network Rail Standards

Construction Design Management (CDM)

Prior to September 2020 CDM was incorporated within IMR, this has now been split into its own individual module. Only companies which deal in Construction Design Management will be required to be audited against this module.

Sentinel Scheme

Do you wish to sponsor and train your staff? To do this you will need to obtain a pass of the Sentinel Audit Requirements. This module will ensure your organisation has robust procedures that meet and comply with the requirements of the Sentinel Scheme Rules.

Safe Work Planning (SWP)

Do you plan access onto Network Rail Managed Infrastructure? If so, you are now required to be audited against compliance to NR|L2|OHS|019 for access’s planning.

Alternatively, talk to us about how we can undertake this on your behalf.

On Track Plant (OTP)

Prior to September 2020 this module was known as “Plant Operator Scheme” or (POS). This module is applicable to suppliers who supply, hire, operate, maintain, overhaul, manufacture or convert on-track plant.

Whatever your RISQS requirements, we have the resource to assist your organisation through the RISQS Audit Process.