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Asset Protection (ASPRO)

Network Rail Asset Protection (ASPRO) Interface

Working on or near Rail Infrastructure?

Have you contacted Network Rail to discuss your works and the associated risks to their infrastructure?

Being bamboozled by the railway jargon and issues raised by Network Rail?

PRB Consulting can provide you with the support and guidance in negotiating with Network Rail Asset Protection (ASPRO) Teams. Our consultants understand the concerns the Network Rail have when 3rd parties wish to undertake construction works near their infrastructure and can help mitigate their fears by providing competent advice to both you and Network Rail. This assures them that you understand your requirements in protecting the rail network.

You may be required to enter into an Asset Protection Agreement (APA) with Network Rail, and agree to undertake certain monitoring and risk mitigation, particularly for any temporary works. For example, monitoring of track or embankments for movement, or the monitoring of vibration, noise or air quality especially close to stations or depots. To undertake this type of work will require the use of competent rail approved organisations who approved to carry out this work. PRB Consulting work with a range of suppliers who can support in all areas of railway risk mitigation.

PRB Consulting can help break down the barriers and cut through the language and issues raised by Network Rail to enable your project to progress.