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Lockdown 2.0 Working From Home Tips

1) Dress for work – Get dressed every morning, don’t stay in pyjamas.

2) Adapting to change – Think positively about ways of using your time at home more productively.

3) Exercise & food habits – Allow time to exercise and eating healthily.

4) Technology – Make use of video conferencing & phone apps to stay in touch with colleagues.

5) Working with family – Having to work with small children at home can be difficult, try to occupy them with an activity before you work.

6) Plan work in blocks of time – Normal hours 9-5 may not be valid, and if you have children, you may choose to work in the evenings. Remember to take regular breaks.

7) Find a buddy – Working at home can be lonely, think of someone you can ‘buddy’ with so you can give each other support.

8) Getting the right balance – What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. It will take practice until you find the right balance.

9) Home & work life – At the end of your day, switch off your computer, tidy your desk and close the door to keep the balance.

10) Sleeping at night – Due to worry, it may be hard to sleep at night. Try not to work late or drink coffee after 8pm.

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